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Fusion Athletics Club was founded on the belief that everyone can achieve greatness. We believe fitness is a lifestyle. Nyx Training Center, our first ninja, parkour and World Chase Tag™ facility, supports and encourages the growth of individuals on the path to healthy, balanced living, as well as those dedicating themselves to the goal of professional athletics. Our goal at Nyx is to become the largest ninja and parkour facility in the country, and we are also the only gym in the country with a permanent show-standard World Chase Tag™ arena. Through Nyx, Fusion Athletics has created a safe and productive environment for everyone working toward personal health goals. 

Why two names? We created the Fusion Athletics Club brand with an eye to the future. Instead of franchising, we chose to brand our overall fitness experience and build specialized training centers under the Fusion umbrella. Nyx Training Center is just our first step. Future plans include growth into more ninja, parkour and World Chase Tag™ facilities, and other areas of functional fitness. We can’t wait to share this journey with you!

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Michael Johnson is a two-time national finalist on American Ninja Warrior™, and has served as consultant for American Ninja Warrior™ and The Titan Games™ in obstacle testing. Michael is one of the most well-respected coaches in the ninja community. The athletes he has trained include:

  • Vance Walker, the youngest athlete to reach stage three in the ANW™ national finals.

  • Matthew Hall, one of the top-ranked elite ninja athletes in the country.

  • Christopher Harding-Jones and Ethan Bartnicki, both 2022 ANW™ national finalists (stages one and three, respectively).

  • Multiple other teenagers currently ranked in the top three in their respective age groups.


As well as an outstanding coach, Michael is also a dedicated personal trainer. Through Fusion, Michael will continue to build a robust community of elite athletes with strong, healthy support systems. 



About NYX Training

We're not just a gym - we're a community. We believe fitness is a lifestyle, and our facility supports and encourages the growth of all individuals on the path to healthier, balanced living and those dedicating themselves to becoming a professional athlete. As athletes, coaches, and business owners, we have been blessed with immense support from our community. At Nyx, passing these opportunities on is not just a job, but a responsibility. Come achieve greatness with us!

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